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The Flag Charge Contest is performed by the sitting Leading Knight.  Competition is tentatively scheduled to be held on March 10, 2013 at West Shore Lodge #2257 at 2:00 PM

The Leading Knight and Candidate enter the Lodge Room and take their positions at the altar.  The Contest Chairperson addresses the Leading Knight: "Leading Knight _______ are you ready?  When the Leading Knight acknowledges he is prepared, the Contest Chairperson will rap the gavel three times.  (The flag is prepositioned on the station in front of the Leading Knight). 

The Leading Knight addresses the Candidate: "Please salute our flag."

The Leading Knight then looks at the Flag and then raises it chest high.  As the Flag is raised by the Leading Knight, the Candidate will give the civilian salute to the Flag.  The Leading Knight now continues with the Flag Charge.  

As this emblem is first in out hearts as loyal Americans, so is it close to our Altar as loyal Elks.  The gentle breezes with lingering caress kiss the folds of no flag which can compare with it in beauty.  There is no such red in budding rose, in falling leaf or sparkling wine; no such white in April blossom, in crescent moon or mountain snow; no such blue in woman's eye, in ocean's depth or heavens dome; and no such pageantry of clustering stars and streaming light in all the spectrum of the sea and sky.   

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